The closing of the badminton center from COVID 19 has been a financial challenges for many badminton centers. As the COVID 19 situation eases, badminton centers are asked to implement special measures to ensure social distances and other guidelines. Many of these special guidelines will require financials resources to implement.

LMBA understands that to implement these special measures can be challenging after 6 weeks of closing. As such, LMBA is offering a grant entitle 666 to assists badminton center to reopen.


666 Grant:

  1. LMBA will allocate $6000 for these COVID 19 reopening measures.
  2. Each badminton center can apply grant up to $600
  3. LMBA will pay up to 60% of cost to implement the COVID 19 reopening measures


Instructions to apply for 666 grant:
  1. Download the 666 grant application from LMBA website.
  2. Complete the form and send it via email to
  3. LMBA will reply and assign a confirmation #.
  4. Badminton center to implement the special measures and then file a claim.
  5. Claim form can be downloaded from website and then submitted to
  6. Upon review of the claim, LMBA will issue a cheque to the badminton centers.
  7. LMBA reserves the right to perform an audit such as site visit and/or ask for receipts of the claim items.



  1. All customers or members will be screened for a fever with an infrared touchless thermometer.
  2. No drop-ins. Limit the maximum number of players at any time. Alternating courts should be reserved for play if there is no barrier, such as fencing between the courts.
  3. Court rentals will allow a maximum of 6 players per court. Players should come to the facility no more than 10 minutes before the booked time.
  4. Group classes for badminton are limited to 4 or 8 players depending on whether we have 1 or 2 courts available. Parent approval required for kids classes.
  5. Some courts will be left unused, depending on whether the 2-m distancing is met or not.
  6. Court rental and private/group lesson start time and stop time to be designed to avoid crowding at entrance
  7. Hand sanitizer at the end of each court to be provided. Courts and benches should be sanitized after each section. All score tenders or white boards will be taken off the courts to prevent touching.
  8. All players need to registered for contact tracing should the need becomes necessary
  9. Published implemented guidelines on web and/or posted at visible area
  10. Wavier of COVID 19 liability with registration to play


Changing rooms and bath rooms
  1. Automatic doors or no door. Sanitizers to be provided at all main contact points.
  2. Touchless soap dispenser
  3. Motion sensor water faucets


Sitting areas
  1. Benches marked off for 2 m distance
  2. Chairs and table to be crossed off to avoid gathering


Badminton game revised rules
  1. One player will serve for the entire game, or destinated shuttle for each player
  2. Each player will bring his own shuttle and only touch his shuttle
  3. Singles or doubles. There is no problem with staying 2 meter apart with singles. For doubles, the two players are mostly 2 m apart. Less than 10% of the time when they are closer than 2 m apart in a 15 min game.
  4. No talking to your partners unless they are 2 m apart


Cashiers and Proshops
  1. Cashiers and Proshop staff will be wearing masks.
  2. Installed Plexiglas barriers at cashier and proshop to provide further protection.
  3. Self serve drinks and food to be removed
  4. No Water fountain allowed


For badminton centers employees
  1. Employees will wear masks
  2. Encourage players to do booking or court rentals on-line
  3. Designated staff or manager to generate COVID 19 reopening procedure, monitored them and revised them as required
  4. Provide procedure to ensure no sick employee are to be working
  5. Established cleaning procedures (where and how often)
  6. Limit sharing of equipment by staff/ coaches
  7. Limit sharing of staff room/lunch room
  8. Staff are to stay 2 m away from each other


Detailed Guidelines for Badminton centers to open post COVID 19


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